Saturday, September 13, 2008

How Can I Lose Weight?

How can I lose weight? This question may be in your mind at one time or the other.

As I see more and more people struggling to learn how to lose weight fast, I see a common pattern in almost all of them, and the pattern is that they hate their own bodies more than others do! In fact they are so obsessed about the size of their waistlines that they prefer reclusion to socializing. They are afraid that they might be taunted because of their weight issue and alway been wondering how can I lose weight

I know what overweight people have to go through, but trust me, if you don't learn to accept your body 'as is', if you don't learn to love your body, no one else will. After all, if you hate your large belly, how can you expect others to appreciate it? So the first principle of how to lose weight fast is: learn to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, for your body weight doesn't define you! and don't keep asking yourself how can I lose weight?

You need to understand that the fat belly is as much an integral part of your body as your head, elbows, toes, chest, legs, etc. Yes it was slimmer some time ago, but just because it got a bit fatter, does it cease to be a part of your body?

I will give you example of two overweight people who have learnt to accept themselves with all their ugly fat bellies!

When I was in school I had a mathematics teacher who was very much taunted (of course, at her back) about her bulging belly and her intimidating figure. She was otherwise a very good teacher but well, she was given very little respect. By the way, I was very good at mathematics. So one day, impressed by my decent results in the math exam, she called on to me. She basically asked me all sorts of questions and side by side also related to me her trauma. She said how she had to learn to cope with her obesity from very early in life, how this was a very difficult thing to do, and how she has now reconciled herself with her figure. She has come to a point where she doesn't mind anyone's taunts or jokes because she has come to realize that these things are part of life and there is no point to keep reminding herself how can I lose weight.

There was another woman who was my neighbor. She was very affectionate to me and I used to visit her regularly. She was a very strange woman. While she wouldn't allow any one to snap her photo (for she was overweight), she would allow her family and me to click her pictures, because she knows how much we love her no matter what she looks like! She also knows that if tomorrow she is no more then we will remember her through her photos; her family would remember her as somebody who was loved by everyone and who in turn loved them too even thought she maybe asking herself how can I lose weight in her mind.

You see, these two woman have learned to adjust themselves to obesity, so why can't you?

If tomorrow your neighbor asks for your help, would you refuse it simply because you have got a fat belly or flabby arms? Of course not! You will rush to their help with all your might and do your best to help them!
I am not asking you to stop losing weight. Weight loss is something that you must do but for the sake of your own health, not because someone else is taunting you everyday about your overweight figure.

Those who cannot accept the way you are must be suffering with some kind of inferiority complex themselves; the fact that they taunt and make fun of you says a lot about them. Try to ignore them. Learn to love your body and you will see that you will naturally take all the steps needed to practise how to lose weight fast and become fit! and there is no point to remind oneself how can I lose weight.